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Medium Pine Bark 36ltr bag

Medium Pine Bark 36ltr bag

Available in 30ltr bag

Pine bark stays for a long time in the garden, unlike the other organic mulches. The natural bark of pine stays longer than any other wood in the yard. Other mulches tend to fade to gray after a period, but red, dark brown colored pine bark remains in the garden for a longer time. Compare to other mulches, pine bark is lightweight, and it can be spread quickly in the garden. Organic mulch prepared from pine bark helps in retaining moisture of plants and prevents soil-borne diseases from spreading.

Other Benefits are :

  • Keeps the soil moist and moderates soil temperature
  • Reduces weeds by preventing seeds from sprouting.
  • Gradually decomposes and adds humus to soil giving it a loose and crumbly texture.

Available for pick-up at Canning Vale, Malaga, Forrestfield, Balcatta, Joondalup 
*Pictures are indicative only and product may differ slightly from picture shown.

Port Kennedy do not sell pinebark mulch, please call 1300 808 000 for pricing on Pinebark delivered in the Port Kennedy area.

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