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Woodchips 30ltr bag

Woodchips 30ltr bag

Available in 30ltr bag

Pine woodchips are produced from Pine waste timber in saw mills in WA's South West.

An ever popular product in Perth gardens and play grounds.


  • Soft ground cover (domestic use*) 
  • Aesthetics and general decoration
  • Optimizing healthy plant growth
  • Retaining moisture in most soils
  • Water conservation (may save up to 88% of moisture evaporation*) 
  • Weed control and general suppression
  • Ground coverage in windswept areas (heavy)
  • Aesthetics: Spread at 30 - 50mm thickness
  • Water Conservation / Remediation: Spread at 75 - 150mm thickness
  • Ground Cover: Spread at 50 - 75mm thickness
  • Top-up: Spread at 50 - 75mm thickness

Available for pick-up at Canning Vale, Malaga, Forrestfield, Balcatta, Joondalup & Port Kennedy 
*Pictures are indicative only and product may differ slightly from picture shown.

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