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Ezy Retaining Panel

Ezy Retaining Panel

Ezy Retaining Panel and Posts

Panels come in 2 sizes
1.1m x 300mm high and 1.1m x 450mm high
Please call 1300 808 000 for Pricing.

Sold at Forrestfield and Balcatta stores.

DIY basic step by step install Guide


  • Post Shovel
  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Stakes
  • String Line
  • Length of wood (template) to fit into post grove, and cut to exactly the length of the back of a panel plus 3mm
  • Barrow or Mixer to mix cement for post backfill
  • Cement, sand & aggregate

Step by step construction

  1. Establish new wall height.
  2. Hammer two stakes into ground at either end of proposed wall.
  3. Attach string line and level.
  4. Dig first hole at one end, +- 30mm deeper than required and drop in post.
  5. 350 diameter hole up to 600mm wall and 450 diameter over 600mm wall
  6. Align first two posts with string to same correct height.
  7. Use level to obtain correct vertical angle. (On 600mm walls and higher, a 2-degree backslope is required.)
  8. Cement in post and tamper down. (cement mix 3 sand 1 cement)
  9. Use blue metal in cement mix for walls over 600mm high.
  10. Position wooden template into post groove, mark ground and dig next hole +-30mm deeper.
  11. Drop in post and line up as above.
  12. To ensure posts are always equal distance apart, slide wooden template up and down in grooves.
  13. Slide in panels as you go and make sure they sit on the cement you used for filling around the posts. (fit all panels in that bay to correct height)
  14. NB. Panel up as you go.
  15. Level panel with top of posts.
  16. Wall can be backfilled in 2 days.( clean sand only )
  17. Don’t use heavy machinery close to wall when backfilling.


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