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What to do in your garden this winter.

What to do in the garden this winter.

Rake up old leaves to allow the sun through. Check lawns for weeds, especially bindii.
If your soil has drainage problems, winter is the season when they'll expose themselves. Use a garden fork to push vertical holes into heavy soils. Create surface drains to carry away excess moisture. Winter rains can also damage gravel driveways and puddles may appear through wear and tear of car tyres etc. Soils aint Soils supplies road gravel, Road Base and blue metal to fill these holes.


Winter is a good time to consider the health of your soil. Preparing your soil ready for spring planting. Plants need air and water in soil to sustain life. If soil becomes compacted and dry, then the penetration of air and water is reduced due to a decrease in the number of available spaces. For this reason cultivation of soil and adding nutrients like SOIL CONDITIONER or LANDSCAPE MIX is a must if you want to grow healthy plants. Compacted soils lack space and ‘space’ is where all the action is in a healthy soil. It is where the plant roots, earthworms, beneficial soil organisms and water are found. Creating more ‘space’ is fundamental practice to improve the health of the soil and that of plants.

Tips for Winter

Many people see the winter as a time to close down the garden and wait until the spring to start up gardening activities again. However, there are plenty of things you can be doing through the winter months to continue enjoying the pleasures of gardening. Prepare planting holes for new roses and fruit trees by digging compost or manure into the soil. Lots of vegies love the cold weather so there’s no reason why you can’t continue producing your own healthy food from your winter garden. Here is just a few Spinach, carrots, cabbages and spring onions.
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