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Truck sizes & deliveries

Soils Aint Soils WE DO NOT have Mini Trucks. All our small deliveries are done in a 9 Tonne Tip trucks.

Tipping instructions 

  • Tip on front verge, or tip on driveway
  • Please be aware if you require specific tipping instructions that we will do our best to tip where requested.  However if our sub-contractor cannot access the location requested our only alternative is to then tip on the front verge or driveway. 
  • If this is not suitable we can return the product to our yard although this will incur a delivery fee and your refund will be for the cost of the product only.
Please see below pictures of our trucks, please call 1300 808 000 if you have any questions on our truck sizes

9 ton tipper truck
Truck is 7m long and requires 3m width.

6 Wheeler Truck
Truck is 8m long and requires 3m width.
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